Work experience

Software Architect & Founder at Insight Architectures
2020-12-01 — Present

I founded Insight Architectures because I wanted to leverage the good lessons I learned in my years at EMG and because I wanted to get back in contact with the ever-changing world of software development

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CTO at Educations Media Group
2017-07-01 — 2020-11-27

As CTO of EMG, I am responsible for the organization and growth of the Tech department but also member of the top management team, thus responsible for coordinating the daily operations and set the long term strategy.

Most relevant activities:
  • Be part of the definition and the execution of the long-term plan for the whole company

  • Manage a department with direct and indirect reportees of roughly 20-25 FTEs

  • Organization and management of a budget of roughly 20 MSEK including personnel, hardware and services

  • Pushed for the recruitment of a DevOps specialist responsible for optimizing the AWS spending considerably lowering relative spending

  • Reorganized the department to give everybody a proper role description and a concrete set of responsibilities

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Team Manager at Educations Media Group
2014-05-01 — 2017-06-30

As the team manager of part of the Tech department, I was responsible for setting up and leading the software development process, properly assigning resources to different projects. Also, I was responsible for the recruitment of new personnel for my team and for the rest of the Tech department selecting interns and recruiting both junior and senior developers.

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Software Architect at Educations Media Group
2010-08-01 — 2020-11-27

My responsibilities as the software architect of the company range from designing new systems to implement features requested by the many stakeholders, training and instructing the development team into adopting new technologies and following established best practices, push forward the technological agenda to keep the platforms up-to-speed with an ever-changing panorama like the IT one.

Most relevant activities:
  • Created libraries based on .NET Standard available on NuGet and GitHub

  • Created sets of templates to help developers focusing on the business logic and reducing the plumbing needed as much as possible

  • Deepened the integration with AWS to enable the usage of cloud-only technologies such as Lambda, SNS, SQS, AutoScaling, DynamoDB and many more

  • Designed and lead multiple projects following IDesign architecture and project design teachings.

  • Designed the migration from the in-house built search service to one based on Elasticsearch facilitating the creation of the best selling product at EMG.

  • Designed the usage of AWS CloudFront to dramatically speed up page delivery

  • In 2011, designed and lead the creation of a brand new platform based on domain-driven design principles and using then-new technologies like ASP.NET MVC and EntityFramework

  • Introduced project management techniques in the whole organization that resulted in the creation of Project Management positions for the first time

  • Introduced the usage of .NET Core in platform based on .NET Framework

  • Pushed the adoption of Docker containers, both on Windows and Linux, extending WCF so that services deployed on AWS ECS could registre themeelves to a service registry despite ignoring their deployment location

  • Pushed the adoption of Git, the migration to GitHub and the adoption of the GitHub Flow to enable code reviews and increase quality and commitment by the team

  • Pushed the adoption of modern devops practices like continuous integration, continuous delivery, infrastructure as code

  • Regularly held presentations to introduce new technologies and best practices to the whole department

.NET Core .NET Framework .NET Standard .NET Templates ASP.NET Core ASP.NET MVC AWS CI/CD Docker Domain-driven design Elasticsearch EntityFramework EntityFramework Core RabbitMQ SQL Server Serverless best practices distributed architecture project design
Software Developer at Educations Media Group
2008-09-01 — 2010-07-31

As a developer of EMG, I was mostly responsible for executing tasks from the backlog. Tasks were mostly targeting our web applications based on ASP.NET WebForms.

Most relevant activities:
  • the conversion of our in-house-built search service from in-proc based on raw SQL queries to out-of-proc in-memory based on Linq and WCF.

  • the design and creation of an highly customizable form that could handle the different requirements of customers across different countries and markets.

.NET Framework ASP.NET WebForms SQL Server WCF